Debt Advice

There's a whole host of debt advice companies out there.

So why choose Time Financial Solutions?
Our clients agree that there are plenty of good reasons…

People matter

We're Yorkshire-based and proud to work with Yorkshire people. We value the individual touch: with us you're a person, not a case number. What's more, we have no call centres, just dedicated experts here to help you resolve your problems individually - by phone or face-to-face.

Inspiring confidence, achieving results

We understand very well that debt and credit problems can make you feel frightened, stressed and very alone. But with the right support, you CAN take back control. We'll do all we can to show you a brighter, more secure future - putting you on the road to recovery and helping you stay on track.

A total solution

Sometimes you may need information or guidance that falls beyond our particular expertise. If so, we have a number of reliable professional partners who we trust to give best advice. They include mortgage brokers, insolvency practitioners and independent financial advisers.

Want more reasons to choose Time?

  • We speak in plain English - no confusing jargon
  • Initial advice is absolutely free - and you can remain anonymous if you wish.
  • Honest, impartial advice - we're not tied to banks or other finance companies. We work for YOU.

Who we work for

Time Financial Solutions works with those who are employed or self-employed as well as owners and directors of limited companies.

  • Specialist services in the UK and overseas
  • No collection, no fee

Credit control

We can take the hard work out of invoicing and keep cashflow under control. We'll track invoices due, generate statements and chase up payments by telephone to ensure that your money is collected promptly and efficiently.

Debt management

Whether you're a private individual or a business owner, debt can cloud your life. Paying all your debts and continuing with daily life or business can seem an impossible dream.

Our skilled experts will take the burden from you. They'll negotiate practical terms for making your payments and will often manage to reduce or even freeze interest rates on your debts. We'll also handle the payment process so there's no need for you to suffer difficult meetings or phone calls with creditors.

Debt consolidation

If you have a number of unsecured debts (such as personal loans, credit card or store card debts) it may be cheaper to roll all your debts together in one single, consolidated loan. Many companies offer this service but BEWARE! - the world of consolidated loans is a complex one and things are not always what they seem. At Time, we'll check out whether or not consolidating is the right step for you. If it is, we'll find you the right deal to match your individual circumstances